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Photo listing: general sign/notices (problem)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

This listing only shows photos within a square radius of 50 kilometres of the centre of Praha.
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Leeds to Bradford cycle superhighway CS1, Bradford Road, New Pudsey


A recommended route for cycling that is also a dead end? This needs an 'except cycles' plate.

Warning about toxic water in the harbour.

Three no entry signs but this is a cycle contraflow.

The sign says 'Cycle Lane Closed Ahead' but the section has far as Bedford Lane is as good as open. The closure is at Norfolk Court. No diversion information is given, but the only likely diversion is into the main carriageway, so this sign … [more]

[NOTE: This sign was no longer in situ exactly a week later on 21.5.23] [Image taken 14.5.23] Malton Road, Huntington / York. Road works notification but no contact details. Unnecessary route closure and other problems for NMUs here during … [more]

[Image taken 13.5.23] Foss Islands Path, York. At this entrance to the 'spiral' at the junction with Denning’s Yard access/Wigginton Road/Crichton Avenue, there were already four (filthy old) signs but another - on the vertical end post - … [more]

Very badly faded No Cycling sign and an escooter on this bit of scrub near Willow Way, Water Eaton, Bletchley.

No pesky bikes. Bicycles chained to these railings will be removed

The sign reads: 'Changes in Mount Tauro already in 2024. More comfortable paths and new recreation areas' - with an image of a cyclist, but a huge park is entirely fenced off for the construction of a new National Concert Hall, including … [more]

Cyclists Dismount sign, alas, on the good spine route south to Bratislava-Petrzalka station (EuroVelo 13)

Cyclists Dismount sign

Pedestrianisation (without an exemption for cycling), Belper

Repair works being undertaken by Cambridge Water. Looking at how much of the road ahead has actually been taken up with these roadworks (roughly half) I'm at a loss, once again, to understand why it is that cyclists are asked to dismount.

I'm not sure which road crossing this refers to.

As usual, the roadworks signs are concerned only with motor traffic.

Hard to see why motor traffic would need two lanes from 7pm to 7am, but not during the day.

No Entry, but Please ride considerately? Clearly an Except Cycles plate is missing - but the design of this whole route is based on it being closed for major events and used for motor vehicles.

Two weeks out of date

[UPDATE: On 2.2.23 the utilities company responded: "I have spoken with the site manager and he will speak to team on site to get things rectified as soon as possible."] [Image taken 1.2.23] Skeldergate, York. Where should this sign be? … [more]

[Image taken 1.2.23] Skeldergate, York. Damaged Northern Gas Networks signs with their name and contact details. This is surprising. Northern Gas Networks usually set standards for people to be able to see which company is doing the works … [more]

[Image taken 1.2.23] Skeldergate, York. Two ghost signs. One obstructing the pavement. One in the kerb further restricting the width of an already narrow route. Are they part of the Northern Gas Networks works signage? (See: #190584 and … [more]

[Image taken 30.1.23] Retail parks link, Off Stirling Road, Clifton Moor, York. [NOTE: No street view at this exact location] The foliage on this corner (the now visible green triangle) has been cleared back to the end of the fencing on the … [more]

[UPDATE: All the signs relating to the works have been removed.] [UPDATE: On 1.2.23 I saw the sign was back in situ.] [Image taken 31.1.23] Bootham junction with Grosvenor Terrace, York. Damaged, fallen, unsightly, useless sign.

No Entry except Cycles, surely, given how much cycle parking there is here?

[UPDATE: #190995] [Image taken 25.1.23] Foss Islands Path junction with Wigginton Road link, York. [NOTE: No street view at this location] You would come off if you cycled into this thick mud. On foot you’d get very muddy. A child might … [more]

[UPDATE: 12.2.23. The sign and the mud have gone: #190995.] [Image taken 25.1.23] Wigginton Road link, junction with Foss Islands Path, York. [NOTE: No street view at this location] Note the thick mud: #190045. Context and links: #190043.

[UPDATE: The sign was removed within a few days of my reporting it.] [Image taken 25.1.23] Foss Islands Path junction with Wigginton Road link, York. [NOTE: No street view at this location] Poor surface sign. Where does it refer to? Why is … [more]

Clearly not closed

Cyclists are supposed to ride on the cobbles and dismount on the smoother surface, That's not likely to happen.

Also presumably access for cycles to the parking outside the Grafton Centre.

Presumably there should be a '100 metres ahead' plate - otherwise access to the Sainsburys parking places would be illegal Mon-Fri 7am-7pm.

A vandalised 20mph reminder sign, with a contradictory 30mph sign on the joining side road. Also, a commercial vehicle parked on the footway, including tactile paving, at the junction.

Stopping trains on the Cardiff-Penzance route, with reasonable provision for cycles, are being partially replaced by Class 80x Intercity trains, with limited provision for bikes which must be reserved and hung up in a small cupboard - a big … [more]

[UPDATE 12.1.22: This sign has now gone.] [Image taken 6.1.23] Bootham/Bootham Bar, York. Askham Lane is nowhere near here. Another temporary sign/Aboard that is clutter at best but also misleading and a hazard. How did it get here? There … [more]

[UPDATE: On 2.2.23 CYC said it had removed the sign and the sandbag. I saw later in the day that both had gone.] The sign [NOTE: On 23.1.23 this sign was still in situ despite my reporting it to the company A Plant Lux. I will now ask CYC … [more]

[UPDATE: I saw earlier this week the Diversion sign had been removed following my reporting it. The sandbag and the other sign were still here on the afternoon of 6.1.22] [Image taken 31.12.22] Ratcliffe Street, York. Abandoned/mislaid … [more]

UPDATE March 2023 Trafford near Manchester Bucklow-St Martins Ward. Temporary signs warn to be aware of pedestrians. … [more]

[Image taken 21.2.22] Burton Stone Lane, junction with Crichton Avenue, York. I saw this week this new sign: "Bootham Crescent No site traffic" (context: #182417) had gone up. So why is there no warning to all users of the changes to the … [more]

No Entry - 'except cyclists' plate missing

Sign for last Saturday's Mill Road Winter Fair still in place

Sign for last Saturday's Mill Road Winter Fair still in place

Contraflow cycle lane blocked by temporary sign.

No Entry except residents - 'and cyclists' plate needed for access to the new off-road route east from Mont-Saint-Michel

Well and truly blocked

Pedestrians and cyclists on the almost invisible cycleway have priority over the road from the left.

Except Cycles plate missing for this contraflow cycle lane

Missing arrow? - the No Through Road except cycles sign refers to the road to the right.

[Image taken 20.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. I asked this couple if I could take this photo. They agreed immediately. They are on the pavement on the east side and heading north. They are therefore facing the oncoming traffic. People … [more]

[Image taken 10.11.22] Station Rise, York. This sign is not facing the traffic. So it is not doing its job. But it is not causing a hazard... Context and links: #187649.

Cycles only beyond this point? The one on the nearside of the crossing should not be there, and signs to diagram 955 should have the bicycle symbol with the front wheel to the left. Just after I took the photo, a delivery van driver used … [more]

Lots of No Bicycles signs - wouldn't it be easier just to put in some bike stands?

There are No Cycling signs (in both directions) halfway along the path to the temporary metro station at Hoek van Holland Haven.

Another puzzling sign - Rejoin the Carriageway through a solid barrier ?

Puzzling sign, as cyclists joining the carriageway will be going the wrong way.

No Cycling on the closed road from the new car park to the Cap Fréhel lighthouse. Seems very silly to me, just put in some proper cycle stands there and let people ride.

Restrictions on entry to central Chamonix, but surely cycles are permitted?!

'No Cycling' on signed path from Mugdock Country Park, and no dropped kerb at Stable Road crossing.

'No Cycling' on signed path to Mugdock Country Path.

Construction Traffic Beware Cyclists Going Straight Ahead.

A car-sized gap between the water-filled barriers and the sign-post. The barriers are no replacement for the four bollards that used to be here before COP26.

[Image taken 19.7.22] Terry Avenue (Millennium Bridge, end) York. [NOTE: No street view at this location] There is no signage declaring, “Terry Avenue is again open to people cycling, walking, wheelchairing. Come and enjoy the serenity, the … [more]

[UPDATE: On 21.7.22 I saw the Road Closed sign had been removed.] [Image taken 19.7.22] Coppergate (Nessgate end), York. The temporary Road Closed sign is a hazard. It further reduces the already limited space for people turning at a tight … [more]

[UPDATE: On 21.7.22 I saw the Road Closed sign had been removed.] [Image taken 19.7.22] Coppergate (Nessgate end), York. The temporary sign is facing the wrong direction. Other image, other problem with this sign today: #184929. Other image … [more]

[Image taken 18.7.22] Terry Avenue, York. The gate that was here pre-Clementhorpe floodworks (see: #73827) was removed. Now we have fencing/temporary barricades which look(s) intimidating. And an inaccurate sign. The route is open... to non … [more]

[Image taken 18.7.22] (Close to the campsite entrance/exit), Terry Avenue, York. Context and links: #184932. All images Terry Ave today: #184906 and links.

Sign stating that raw sewage gets dumped into the sea here.

No Entry sign - in fact contraflow cycling is permitted

The Except Cycles plate has been turned around by 180 degrees.

I'm not sure that cycling can actually be banned on this track as it's the only access to some cottages.

I have no idea why there's a cycle lane sign there, but it looks dangerous.

No Cycling on the seafront route to central Eastbourne

Pointless Cyclists Dismount sign on NCN route 21, Eastbourne

NCN route 2 leaving Rye - I think the signs have been turned 180 degrees

Shared-use route supposedly ending at the crossing - but in fact it continues to Church Walk

Even in the centre of Cambridge there are still Dead End signs without an Except Cyclists plate - incredible.

Conflicting signs - Trams Only, but also warning to cyclists and motorbikers.

A 'No Through Road' sign on a road that is signed as a cycle route leading somewhere (in this case, to the South City Way).

Decades ago, when these trees were smaller and bicycles slower, this narrow track used to be a cycle lane, see also #50131 . The (redundant) sign to the right indicates that pedestrians are permitted (on the former cycleway) up to the bus … [more]

Cyclists Dismount on path across the former Folkestone harbour rail branch - it would be so easy to widen this and make it into a useful link.

I'm all for reducing pole clutter, but really signs should be above head height.

Shouldn't this sign show segregated pedestrian and cycle paths rather than a general cycleway sign? The 20 mph limit applies to the road, of course.

Another 'Cycles only' sign on University Avenue. The solid line of the mandatory cycle lane extends over part of the junction too.

Pedestrian access to Dover castle - but is there cycle access/parking?

NCN route 3 continues ahead, cyclists turning right to Penzance station are supposed to dismount to cross a car park.

The sign reads "No vehicular access to Argyle Street" but is covered in graffiti. A sign at Argyle Street suggests this is part of the West City Way council cycle route. A case where 'No Motor Vehicles' should be used, and the bollards … [more]

Not easy to see, but one sign reads Roadworks from 27/4 for 4 days, the other reads Roadworks from 29/4 for 3 days - and they're both still there well into May.

.. but what is this nonsense? (see #182651) - Cyclists Dismount sign where cars are obviously free to move around - on the way to new cycle parking in a car park just off Causewayhead, Penzance. (And why so far above the ground?)

[Image taken on 11.5.22] Bootham Park Hospital grounds, exit to Bridge Lane, York. Bad practice: cyclists dismount sign. A warning: "Pedestrian-cycle path ahead' would be appropriate. Other images today: #182555 and links.

With the local elections approaching, I'd have thought that there would be a little more urgency to get the cycle routes that have been built already properly up and running, but no, the Argyle Street crossing has been rebagged. (See also … [more]

Annoying Cyclists Dismount sign on NCN regional route 15 approaching Sandwich

Annoying Cyclists Dismount sign on NCN regional route 15 approaching Sandwich

No Vehicles 10am-5pm (with a gate), Cyclists Dismount at all times?? in central Ramsgate

[Image taken 26.4.22] Cocoa Works development (, Foss Islands Way, Haxby Road, York. [Note: No street view here.] Context: #173466. A sign has been added. However it neither resolves the issue of no sightlines nor … [more]

Access for buses only, supposedly, to Ramsgate station

It really does seems as if cars are permitted on Queen Street, Ramsgate, but cycles are not.

[UPDATE: 20.4.22 An email from CYC says: "I will ask the contractors to remove the One Way sign and locate it elsewhere." Later image: #181987] [Image taken 14.4.22] Mill Lane, York. The sign leaves only 68cm for pedestrians. It's not … [more]

[Later image of these signs on the ground: #181988] [Image taken 14.4.22] Mill Lane, looking towards Heworth Green, York. No need for the cyclists dismount sign: the road is closed in this direction. Other images this issue yesterday: … [more]

[Image taken on 9.4.22] Aldwark, York. The road closed sign further narrows a route that is already restricted widthwise. The road ahead closed sign must be aimed at emergency vehicles because Aldwark has filtered permeability bollards at … [more]

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