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Photo listing: route signs (event)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

This listing only shows photos within a square radius of 50 kilometres of the centre of Praha.
Go to the national CycleStreets photo listings for photos beyond.

The start of the unsigned diversion route for the canal towpath closure still has signs up for the Stockingfield diversion.

Cycle diversion around roadworks

Cycle diversion around roadworks

Diversion - cycles dismount

Diverted cycle route

[NOTE: 21.11.22 This sign - and another at the junction of Haughton Road and Field View - needs now to be removed. The works have finished. I will email to request this.] [UPDATE: At 16.15 this sign was still in this position and … [more]

[Image taken 9.10.22] Royal Mail Sorting Office boundary, Clifton Way, close to West Esplanade, York. [NOTE: No street view at this location] I went to see if the signpost was obscured by vegetation as was the case in previous years … [more]

[Image taken 19.8.22] Near junction of Butcher Terrace/Millennium Bridge/Terry Avenue, York [NOTE: No street view at this location.] Context: #185661. We carried the ladder in the trailer. We could not have done this while Terry Ave was … [more]

[Image taken 19.8.22] Ahead left, Butcher Terrace (left), Terry Ave (ahead), Millennium Bridge (ahead right), York. [NOTE: No street view at this location.] Context: #185186. Other images here today: #185662. Other image today and links: … [more]

[UPDATE 15.9.22: The route is now open again see: #186191 and links.] [UPDATE 2.8.22. The 'closed' signs have been removed.] [Image taken 31.7.22] Butcher Terrace (left), Terry Ave (ahead), Millennium Bridge (right), York. [NOTE: No street … [more]

Construction and cycle route diversion

Kyle Street, between the Sighthill Bridge and Glasgow City Centre, still has no cycle facilities, with the expected results. A road cyclist, a pavement cyclist, and on the left a delivery rider who had been on the road but stopped to make … [more]

A Sighthill diversion sign that is still on display.

Route sign for a mountain bike and horse-riding event

Sign for long and short routes for a mountain bike and horse-riding event

[Image taken on 9.4.22] Bridge Lane, York. (Note: No streetview at this location.) The cycle-ped access to A&E is now along the route between York hospital and the former Bootham Park Hospital. Hence the white paint on the tarmac. (For … [more]

[Image taken on 9.4.22] Spen Lane, junction with St Andrewgate, York. The non-standard cyclists diversion sign (ie though clear it is aimed at people on cycles does not say it's for people following a diversion) is now upright again. … [more]

[Image taken on 5.4.22] St Andrewgate, York close to the junction with Turks Head Court. Diverted from Aldwark (here: #181274) the cyclist follows St Andrewgate. There's a clear (if non-compliant) diversion sign. (Note the sign against the … [more]

[Image taken on 25.3.22] Swann Street, York. Context: #180487. Plus, look at the clutter on the pavement, see also: #180489.

Confusing signage for the COP26 diversion that has now ended.

COP26 diversion signs on Old Dumbarton Road. The one on the tree is indicating separate diversion routes for walking and cycling, due to the direct route along Argyle Street being quite a busy main road.

A sign advising of the diversions for NCN routes 7, 75 and 756, facing people heading away from the diversions.

So is the diversion for NCN7 straight ahead, or left?

Fallen signs on the path, and temporary signs that aren't too helpful (see #175562).

A busy footway that cyclists have been directed to use as part of the COP26 diversion route.

"Diversion cyclists dismount" on Waterloo Street. No explanation as to where the diversion leads (other than an NCN7 emblem), or any obvious reason why cyclists might need to dismount. There were no further signs to be seen further along … [more]

The cycle route diversion sign on the left-hand side of the road is not particularly noticable from the West City Way cycleway.

A COP26 diversion sign on Old Dumbarton Road.

A diversion sign halfway along Kelvinhaugh Street.

The flow of the one-way system on West Greenhill Place has been reversed, with a contraflow cycle lane added. The No Entry signs have been painted over, but the paint appears to be washing off! A diversion sign for the cycle route has been … [more]

The flow of the one-way system on West Greenhill Place has been reversed, with a contraflow cycle lane added, but the signage has not been done correctly or completely. The diversion sign for the cycle route is barely noticable. The Get … [more]

Temporary one-way system on Elliot Street, and a cycle route diversion sign.

The Old Dumbarton Road cycleway is not finished, but it is open, and the COP26 diversion is now active.

[Image taken 18.10.21] Bootham Terrace junction with Bootham, York. An NCN65 diversion sign for use during floodworks - Scarborough Bridge to Ouse Bridge Flood Scheme and the Clementhorpe flood defences diversion. Other images today: … [more]

A diversion sign for the NCN7 COP26 diversion route obscured by a parked van. Not the van driver's fault, of course, since it should have been placed somewhere where it could be better seen.

[Image taken 20.10.21] Leeman Road, Memorial Gardens, York. This is signage ahead of a temporary lit crossing over two lanes as part of the diversion for the Scarborough Bridge to Ouse Bridge Flood Scheme which was in place mid-May 21 to … [more]

[NOTE: Terry Avenue closed to diverted motor traffic and reopened to non motorised-users on Friday, 8 July 2022. Image this location for comparison from 19.7.22 #184933] Search on 'clementhorpefloodworks and … [more]

[Image taken 5.7.21] Rougier Street, York. A phone call and a further email and a few hours later the redundant sign (see: #171374) has been removed... But the used covid-mask remains. Albeit it now as litter on the ground. Other images … [more]

[Image taken 4.7.21] West Esplanade near Esplanade car park, York. The wheelchair signage on this side of the Ouse has been revisited. See also: #171340 and links. Other 'wheelchair'-related images today see: #171369, #171371, #171372. … [more]

If you haven't found the diversion by now, you won't see this sign.

[Image taken 31.5.21] Stirling Road, York. This sign to Wigginton has been repositioned (see: #169128). Now people know which direction to cycle. But I don't know why Wigginton is so important.

[Image taken 27.5.21] The signage pointing towards Terry Avenue has been removed - see Google streetview. It is for the duration of the Clementhorpe flood defences work/Terry Avenue closure see: #169586. Other images today: #169734, … [more]

[Image taken 13.5.21] Tanner's Moat, York. The sign is very large but people will need to be looking around them to stay safe. See also (sign content): #168886, cycle route map: #168887, location of this information: #168889

[Image taken 13.5.21] Tanner's Moat, York. A basic overview of the diversions in place from the Millennium Bridge in the south of the city to Scarborough Bridge in the north. All are due to floodworks. See more images related to the signage … [more]

But for cycles the route to the city is straight ahead, not via the A14... the sign in the distance does get it right.

[Image taken 4.5.21] Esplanade near car park, York. Diversion sign through the car park. Sign has the Trans Pennine Trail [] logo. The diversion will be in place until around … [more]

Ambiguous diversion sign for pedestrians and cyclists (the closed "footway" is the path from Craighall Road to Pinkston Road, alongside the motorway), and fancy electronic sign for motorists.

Pedestrians and cyclists diverted into the presently dead-end Pinkston Road, but motorists are not.

A sign for the diversion due to the closure of the path between Pinkston Road and Craighall Road. There are no longer signs displayed for the diversion between Pinkston Road and Charles Street.

Diversion signage for the Stockingfield canal path closure at the junction of Contin Place and Garrioch Road. The route goes via Shakespeare Street, which can be seen in the background, beyond the round building.

Diversion signage for the Stockingfield canal path closure on Contin Place.

Diversion signage for the Stockingfield canal path closure at Southmuir Place.

Diversion signage for the Stockingfield canal path closure. The signs have been fixed quite low down the pole.

Route signs and temporary diversion signs for the Stockingfield canal towpath closure. Lots of leaves are rotting away, awaiting being swept off the Kelvin Walkway.

Signage relating to the Stockingfield Junction canal towpath closure for construction of a new bridge.

I was surprised to see this Scottish Canals branded route sign after the turn for Shakespeare Street, but it turns out it is part of a signed diversion due to the Stockingfield canal path closure, so it should be yellow. The diversion … [more]

Deviation off the Haarlem-Amsterdam cycleway

Perfectly positioned to mask the route signs.

The Fendon Road roundabout roadworks may be dragging on, but at least the cycle route signs are in place!

#CamRideHome New Year’s Eve 2019 passes through an attractively yarn-bombed crossing in Fen Ditton.

Towpath diversion signs on the Ashton Canal.

My annual visit to the World Travel Market - the Spaniards can be relied on for a good crop of cycling maps and brochures

My annual visit to the World Travel Market - the Italians can be relied on for a good crop of cycling maps and brochures

Route sign for an MTB event - see also #11060

Sign for a mountain bike event at the Château de la Treyne

Yarnbombing has arrived in Hinckley.

The Kelvin Walkway diversion via Contin Place. Still no dropped kerb at the start of the path to Wyndford Drive.

Diversion signed with blue (permanent) rather than yellow NCN stickers. And still no dropped kerb at the start of the path to Contin Place.

Signs in place well before the junction can open.

Diversion via footpath (perfectly fine for cycling)

Diversion to the riverside route, Namur

Diversion on Route F4

Diversion sign blocking the usual route signs

I suspect this cycleway is still under construction.

Sign for cycling event

Cyclist on NCN route 57 in Burford

A diversion sign for NCN756 (due to severance at Richmond Park) at the Smartbridge, and NCN75 Clyde Walkway on the far bank.

Roadworks on route EV6, Tours

Advance warning of the closure of NCN756 ahead.

A diversion sign for NCN756 at the Smartbridge since its route through Richmond Park is currently blocked.

Diversion sign for Sighthill path closure.

I'm not sure why there is this brief diversion to the left.

Like #91605, a diversion sign that says "see map" without saying where the map is. And it's at a flight of steps (the turning for the ramp is behind the camera).

Routes through what was Sighthill Park closed due to redevelopment, and the bridge over the motorway is getting replaced at some point too. More information at

Deviation sign via the footbridge due to construction work on the Kallang Park Connector, Singapore

Diversions for cyclists near Maastricht station

Diversion sign near Maastricht station

Details of the bridges washed out by Storm Desmond on the Keswick Railway Path (NCN route 71)

Details of the bridges washed out by Storm Desmond on the Keswick Railway Path (NCN route 71)

I've had my road bike out three times and it's filthy, almost all from this section. #nationalcyclenetwork #route75

The only information about the new access to cycle parking at Cambridge station.

This is the new (I imagine, temporary) route for cars and bikes to the station and the cycle parking. Won't cause any confusion or conflict, will it? Er... In case it isn't immediately clear: On the left at the bottom of the map is the … [more]

Diversion routes diverge: on the right is the diversion for NCN75 and NCN756 returning to the Clyde Walkway, while behind that is the route of the 'Footbridge Diversion' for anyone wanting to cross the now closed Polmadie Footbridge. The … [more]

Temporary diversion on NCN75 and NCN756 for Polmadie Bridge closure, including the path under the bridge.

Sign for mountain-bike event at the Paltinis ski resort near Sibiu, Romania

'Cycle Diversion Route' - I didn't investigate where or why, although the sign is also visible in the September 2014 Google Streetview image. NCN 1 & 7 run past here.

I've found the Glasgow 2014 diversion signs! Do I win a prize?

Villages in the Yorkshire Dales welcome the Grand Départ of the Tour de France 2014

The Swinton Run

Cycle route southbound only - if you can get past the stopped buses!

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